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Programme Outcomes (PO)

Intended Learning Outcomes

Teaching and Learning Methods


PO1 : Knowledge & Applications of Living Skills

Relate and manipulate knowledge and applications of the principles of Living Skills.

Lectures, tutorials, seminars, laboratory works, directed reading, independent research, problem-based learning.

Examinations, tests, quizzes, reports, seminar presentations, essay, observation, disertation, assignments, practicum, industrial training, portfolio.


PO2 : Knowledge & Applications of Education

Integrate and demonstrate knowledge of pedagogy, psychology, philosophy, assessment and other fields related to the profession of teaching.

Microteaching, teaching practicum, lectures, tutorials, seminars, laboratory works, directed reading, independent research, problem-based learning.


Microteaching presentations, teaching practicum, examinations, tests, quizzes, laboratory reports, seminar presentations, discussions, problem-based exercises, individual/group projects/assignments.

PO3 : Knowledge & Skills in ICT & Multimedia

Apply skills in ICT and multimedia creatively, innovatively and effectively


Lectures, seminars, laboratory works, independent research, problem-based learning



Examinations, tests, quizzes, laboratory reports, seminar presentations, discussions, individual/group projects/assignments.


PO4 : Communication Skillsy

Demonstrate skills and competencies in communicating knowledge, theories, concepts and practices of Living Skills Education either in written or oral form to appropriate audience.

Discussions, project work, seminars, dialogs, independent research, group project.

Oral presentations, group reports, learning log/ diaries, teaching assessment, written assignment, laboratory reports, thesis


PO5 : Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Demonstrate the ability to think and solve problems critically, creatively and innovatively.

Independent research projects, group research projects, discussions, teaching practices.

Lesson plan, teaching portfolio, individual/group projects/assignments.

PO6 : Team Working

Work collaboratively as part of a team undertaking a range of different team roles

Project works and group discussions


Group projects/assignments, presentations and reports

PO7 : Life-long Learning

Respond and adapt readily to changing situations and to continue learning independently in the acquisition of new knowledge and skills

Tutorials, laboratory works, group assignments


Group reports, learning logs/diaries


PO8 : Entrepreneurship Skills

Explore the basics of business and job opportunities.


Project based learning, presentations, seminars.


Product competition, project report and group project presentation

PO9 : Leaderships Skills

Demonstrate exemplary leadership skills as educator and leader of community.

Laboratory works, group assignments, tutorials

Industrial training report, independent project report, learning portfolios.

PO10 : Ethics & Integrity

Practice high ethics and integrity Independent research projects, group research projects, practicum, microteaching

Peer evaluation, learning logs, group reports, independent reports
PO11 : General Knowledge

Demonstrate knowledge and skills related to humanities and other fields not stated in PO1, PO2 and PO3.

Lectures, discussions, seminars, presentations, independent research, group projects

Presentations, examinations, individual/group projects/assignments

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