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Programme Objectives

At the end of the programme, graduate teachers should be able to:

  • Relate and manipulate knowledge and applications of the Living Skills principles especially those related with the teaching & learning (T&L) of Living Skills at secondary and tertiary levels of education.

  • Integrate and demonstrate knowledge and skills of pedagogy, psychology, philosophy, assessment and other learning-related areas in the T&L of Living Skills.

  • Apply and demonstrate knowledge and skills in ICT and multimedia creatively, innovatively and effectively to produce effective T&L and education-related activities.

  • Demonstrate skills and competencies in communicating knowledge, theories, concepts and practices of Living Skills either in written or oral form across a wide range of contexts and stakeholders (students, parents, colleagues and community).

  • Demonstrate the ability to think and solve problems critically, creatively and innovatively.

  • Work collaboratively as part of a team undertaking a range of different team roles.

  • Respond and adapt readily to changing situations and to continue learning independently in the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

  • Explore the basics of business and job opportunities

  • Demonstrate exemplary leadership skills as educator and leader of community.

  • Practice high ethics and integrity.

  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills related to humanities and other fields not stated in (a), (b) and (c) essentials for the development of a holistic educator.

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