9.0 Assessment Checklist

Table 3 shows the assessment checklist as a guideline for academic staff during teaching, learning and assessment.


Table 3 : Assessment Checklist

Assessment Checklist Faculty of Education UTM

Lecturer name                  :

Semester                          :                             Session                     :

Course Code                    :                             Course name            :


Ÿ                       Article Review

Ÿ                       Book Review

Ÿ                       Literature Review

Ÿ                       Concept Paper

Ÿ                       Research Paper

Ÿ                       Oral Presentation

Ÿ                       Reflective Journal

Ÿ                       Portfolio

Ÿ                       Report

Ÿ                       Concept Map

Ÿ                       Project

Assessment is an important component in the learning process. Implementing the process of teaching, learning and assessment for a unit / course / program covers four key phases namely;


Phase 1: Identify the learning outcomes

Phase 2: Designing the assessment task

Phase 3: Planning your next teaching approach and learning experience

Phase 4: Choosing content


  • Identify the learning outcomes
    (Where students are at the end of the learning process?) 

Phase 2

  • Designing the assessment task 
  • Task takes into account the specific attributes and needs of graduate studies.
  • Provide specific assessment criteria in line with the outcomes.
  • Build standards of achievement / performance for each criterion in order to facilitate the assessment of students’ assignments.
  • Build overall performance standards to facilitate the process of grading students’ assignments.
  • Take into consideration the time taken to prepare the tasks: initial understanding, opportunity to provide feedback and guidance on literature.
  • Provide complete information on methods of giving grades to students including a description of how students can attain the best standard.


Phase 3

Ÿ        Planning teaching and meaningful learning experiences that enable students to achieve the learning outcomes.

Phase 4

Ÿ        Choosing the right content to enable students to develop and apply knowledge as measured in the task.

Final Review

Ÿ        Ensure tasks are produced to meet the assessment guidelines of Faculty of Education.

Ÿ        Learning outcomes include generic skills and specific skills in the areas of study.

Ÿ        Learning outcomes are clearly discussed with the students.


Each assignment meets the 5 main purposes of assessment;

  • Assist the development of meaningful learning.

  • Inform students learning progress.

  • Inform faculty about teaching effectiveness.

  • Provide data to the department and faculty for assigning of grade and selecting students for award.

  • Ensure the quality and standards are maintained in the Faculty of Education

  • Assessment practice and process are transparent and fair.