department of Social Education


  Dr. Zainudin bin Abu Bakar


Welcome to the Department of Social Education. Currently, our department consists of three programmes such as Sports Science Education (SPS), Islamic Studies Education (SPI), and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL).

In SPS programme, students will be exposed comprehensively to the teaching and sport science. While SPI programme exposes the students to the field of teaching of Islamic education in school. TESL on the other will provide opportunities for the student to venture the field of teaching English as a second language in schools. All programmes are committed to equipped the students with every skills and competencies needed in becoming a competent and skilful teacher or trainers. They have the opportunities to explore the field in order for them to become an innovative and creative teacher and trainers. This is in line with the faculty and university mission and vision to produce teacher and trainer who are knowledgeable, but also creative, innovative and skilful.

Our commitment in achieving the faculty vision and mission is reflected through the efforts and activities that we are engaging. Seminar, conference, and academic discourses, to name a few, are some examples of our seriousness in accomplishing the vision and mission. With dedicated staffs plus efforts we strongly believed that this department able to accomplish the vision and mission in regards to producing teacher and trainers for the country.