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Dean, Faculty of Education UTM
Associate Professor Dr. Mohamad bin Bilal Ali


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The Faculty of Education, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, was officially established on 19 April, 1993.  This was in response to the government’s effort to develop expertise in science and technical education through a quality teacher education programme based on innovation and research. The University’s involvement in producing science and technical teachers in fact began with its inception in 1972, when the programme was co-ordinated by the Faculty of Science.

Presently the Faculty of Education is made up of five departments, namely, the Department of Educational Foundations, the Department of Social Education, the Department of Educational Multimedia, the Department of Science and Mathematics Education, and the Department of Technical and Engineering Education. The Faculty offers 15 academic programmes at bachelor’s degree level, 12 post-graduate programmes as well as the post-graduate Diploma in Education. As of October 2008, the Faculty has 111 academic staff, 38 technical support staff and 16 administrative support staff.

The Faculty of Education is now recognised as one of the leader of quality and innovative Science and Technology Education in Malaysia . With the support of our dedicated staff, this faculty emphasises not only on the teaching aspect of education but also on research as well, and as a result many local and international partnerships have been formed over the years. The Faculty of Education offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Education.

In order to meet clients’ expectations the Faculty subscribes to quality in its daily work and commitment in the following areas:

  • Teaching and Learning: excellent teaching is the requisite in producing capable and skilled graduates to meet clients’ expectation
  • Research: it is the basis to expand one’s intellectual capacity and academic growth
  • Consultancy: in areas that benefit organizational development and brings improvement to systems and work process
  • Publication: scholarly documentation of writing by academic staff for purpose of sharing and disseminating knowledge
  • Service: to community to bring about development as well as public good and prosperity
  • Student Development: to help nurture students’ potential and capability
  • Management:  giving focus to corporate management that contributes to customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness


To be a leading faculty in the field of education.


The Faculty of Education, UTM, is committed to the overall effort of human resource development in the field of science and technology through quality and innovative  professional education and training programmes for educators and trainers.